Communications Devices Use Agreement
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Communications Devices Use Agreement

Bradley County Schools

Use Agreement for Communication Devices

(Parent and Student Notification)  

Bradley County Schools considers the use of personal communication and electronic devices as integral to the successful application of technology in the 21st century classroom. Therefore, students are allowed to possess personal communication devices, such as cell phones, IPods, MP3 players, and computers, while on school property, but are expected to use them responsibly.  To this end, violations will result in disciplinary action.

Sexting is the most serious of these violations.  As defined in Board of Education Policy 6.312, sexting is the electronic transmission or (reception and retention) of pornographic pictures.  In the event the picture exploits a minor, all students involved in the sexting will be reported to the authorities.  Furthermore,

First time offenders will receive no less than three (3) days of suspension.

Repeat offenders will be sent to a disciplinary committee to determine what actions are to be taken.

It is our goal that each student will demonstrate responsible cell phone use.  However, in the event there is reasonable suspicion that a student may have violated this Use Agreement for Communication Devices, his or her phone will be confiscated.  In addition, if a student is suspected of a violation, Bradley County Schools reserves the right to look at the contents of his or her electronic device.







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